Terms & Conditions

(Updated May 26, 2019)


We may change these terms at any time. This is posted on www.retal-center.com (see history at the top of the page). If so, you should read the Terms every time you use www.retal-center.com. By entering you agree to be bound by the Terms. If you disagree with all or some of the terms,

These conditions are developed in order to maintain the use of the site

1. Should all information be?

2. The user bears the consequences of recording any of his data incorrectly or incorrectly.

3. If the request is canceled

4. Our prices are on site

5. In the case of sending a product by mistake to the customer, the Center shall return the goods sent and compensate the buyer with the required goods.

6. The customer must keep its price.

7. We have the right not to refund or replace products if sold during special offers or discounts.

8. If the product that has been ordered from the store is in force

Account and user registered with the site

1. In order to access certain functions of the Service, including the ability to purchase. Any account that is registered is?

2. If you register and create an account, you become a "Registered User". Services Registered user, provide correct and accurate information as required during the account creation process

3. Sign up and you www.retal-center.com/, update your information correctly. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account. And in case you have anything on your account, either

Delivery Address

Products ordered through www.retal-center.com can be delivered in the following countries:

Kuwait - Saudi Arabia - Oman - UAE - Bahrain - Qatar - Jordan - Lebanon

Please keep your correct address when printing your invoice.

Please provide the following information:


piece number.

Street number.

Number Avenue.

building number.

The recipient's name.

The recipient's phone number.

Change the delivery address inside Kuwait

If there is a change in the delivery address after the invoice is issued, please contact the customer service center

Address changed to Gulf States, Lebanon and Jordan

If you have any change in the title.

Confirm the connection

We would like to be informed of the delivery time of your order and the delivery process will be within 48 hours. Do we do our best to restore your time?

payment methods

Within the State of Kuwait

Several payment options are available within Kuwait:

1 - Payment for receipt (cash or using the ATM) and accept all cards for Net WIZA and MASTER

2 - Payment through the website

3- By sending the customer's quick payment invoice and collecting the amount

ATM services available to the State of Kuwait

Credit Card - Visa - MasterCard - Cash Payment

However, any payment on delivery is lost to:

1. Payment is made in cash to the authorized Customer Service Officer for immediate collection before delivery of the required products. You will get a customer service officer.

2. Upon receipt of the full amount, the official will deliver the application and invoice

3. The customer may not pay checks, use gift vouchers or pay in cash if payment is chosen upon delivery. (The customer can use discount vouchers, if applicable, on the site before completing the application).

4. To ensure timely delivery, the customer will be contacted at least one hour before delivery

5. The customer may not passed the required products. These products will not be delivered before paying the full price. Payment of the products required upon delivery may be made.

6 - If the customer does not exist in the address if the customer is not present in that period. If this happens, it will be put off
7. If the customer service officer can not communicate with the customer within 48 hours, the order will be canceled automatically


Please note that the delivery fee (2 KD) is less than 9 KD. It is worth noting that with the free delivery of products on invoices with a total value of more than KD 9, a KD2 delivery fee may be added if the original invoice is less than KD 9 or has been reduced to less than this amount. Amount, or if you have accepted the partial delivery of the products which makes the total value of the products being delivered less than KD 9

Payment outside Kuwait (for the Gulf States, Lebanon and Jordan):

Payment is made through the website using a credit card (Visa Card - Mastercard)

Cancel payment:

The process of canceling the payment process is accepted for the Gulf States, Jordan and Lebanon before shipment is done

Refund is made within 4-8 business days

Delivery and tracking of orders

The products are shipped via Aramex and extend the delivery time to the customer from 5-10 days

For inquiries regarding shipping orders with Aramex, please contact our customer service

You may have to pay import taxes, customs duties, or brokerage fees (handling) for your order, and these fees are separate from the shipping fee and will be directly invoiced by the shipping company you choose